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How to brand yourself

Self Branding can be a daunting task and without understanding where to start you may find yourself frustrated and confused. After a few years changing it up to become authentic to your “true” self. If you’re not sure what self Branding is go here.

You must consider that even people like Oprah Winfrey changed her brand multiple times and evolved throughout her career. With Oprah being one of the bigger brands we’re used to seeing. She makes an excellent example of self-branding. Oprah learned to use her voice to empower people, become a household name much like we dream to have.

Well, how do we do that?

Have a FOCUS.

When creating a business you must determine what your focus is. A well-focused brand will give your readers an immediate understanding of your offerings and skills.

    What do you hope to use your page for?
    Do you want to sell anything through your page? If Yes, What?
    How old are they? Male or Female? Why would they be searching for your product or offerings? Where do these people hang out? Are they Starbucks drinkers? What would they drink? Identify areas where your target market hangs out.
    Ask yourself specific questions, these can include the following.
    What four or five adjectives they would use to describe you. “What are you good at? What are your strengths? In which areas do they view you as “irreplaceable?”
    If you’re currently in the workforce ask “If you left your job today, what would your company and colleagues miss?”

Be Authentic.

Be yourself, people can see through someone who isn’t being themselves. And, it will turn off the followers you’re trying so hard to earn. When we show ourselves people will relate to you and welcome you into their lives.

Be ready to fail.

Failure is hard, oftentimes we need to fail to get better. No brand starts out perfect. Some of the biggest brands have failed. Here are some funny examples of those failures. While we learn, we progress and we will have a series of failures. Remember not to let failure get in the way of progress if you’re failing, your moving forward.


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    I am married to my high school sweet heart, turned Iraqi War Veteran for the last 12 years. We have 4 beautiful but sassy little girls. I've been shooting the last 10 years and can shoot in all lighting situations.


    ↦ I'm a Catholic,

    ↦ I love coffee and tea.

    ↦ My favorite color is Purple.

    ↦ I shoot a Canon Camera.

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